Marine Coordination

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Subsea, through Reel Boats, has provided marine coordination services to the film industry since 1987. We have worked on many productions, providing crew and picture boats, support vessels such as barges and tugs, and the services of boat operators and safety divers.

We have extensive knowledge of the BC coast and can provide expert advice on locations from Puget Sound all the way north to Alaska. Our credits include They Nest, Cabin by the Lake, Snow Falling on Cedars, Marine Life, All the Winters That Have Been, Baby 2000, Free Willy 3, Rumble in the Bronx, Alaska, Magic on the Water, The Sentinel, X-Files, Da Vinci's Inquest, Dudley Do Right, Danger Bay, Air Bud.

Subsea has a 23-foot high-speed aluminum camera boat that has proven to be a versatile shooting platform. It is fitted with speed-rail mounts that enable cameras to be mounted in various positions, including at water level. We also have a fast 18-foot Boston Whaler that is ideal for use as a camera, picture or safety boat.

Subsea has WCB-qualified and experienced diving coordinators who can safely manage all aspects of pool and open-ocean shoots. We can provide professional training of actors and stunt performers, consultation regarding locations, wardrobe, props and sets, administration of WCB waivers and management of all water-related safety issues.

From prep to wrap, Subsea can efficiently manage all of your marine production requirements.

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