Underwater Cinematography & High-Definition Video

  Underwater Cinematography        
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From the frozen Canadian Arctic to the warm, tropical seas of the South Pacific, shooting with spring-wound Bolexes to IW-5 IMAX cameras, our underwater cinematography team has a wealth of experience beneath the water.

Documentaries, commercials, made-for-television productions and big-budget features; over the past 20 years we’ve done them all. Our lead cinematographer has been diving since 1969, has logged over 4,000 dives in all oceans of the world and has shot with virtually every film and video format available.


The Sacred Planet The Early Days  
Ocean-Eye 35   IMAX 3D  
      High-Definition Video  

Today, wide-screen High-Definition video is becoming the most popular format for both documentaries and lower budget features. We have considerable experience with HD both topside and underwater. In addition, we have shot aerials using the Tyler mount in helicopters. We can supply underwater housings and camera equipment for shoots in 16 or 35 mm film, HDV and HDCam video, underwater lighting and wireless communications gear.

Subsea specializes in providing one-stop shopping for your underwater production, from consultation on logistics, budgeting, location selection, stunts and props. We can provide specific equipment and support divers and of course, the underwater film crew.

Shark Business   The Giants of San Benedicto
Underwater Communications   The Blue Realm

Our filming credits are extensive: please see www.NeilMcDaniel.com for a list of recent projects.

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